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Alexander Leather Goods



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This is a $100 DEPOSIT ( non-refundable) for the item(s) you’re wanting to order. There is a custom order minimum of $250. To get a general idea of cost for  our popular products please see the pricing page here on the website. Once you have placed the deposit for your order, please email us at with all the details of the product you’re wanting to order.  We will finalize details here and give you a final total for what your order will cost based on the design details you have sent us. The $100 deposit will come off the final total and we will invoice for the remainder of your product total at this time. The invoice will need to be paid in 48-72hrs of being sent. If invoice remains unpaid, the order may be cancelled. We offer Shop Pay Installments if pay arrangements are needed. 
 To send us your design information, please email us the order number (you will receive this in your confirmation email), the product you’re ordering and the specific details you're wanting on the item. Please send this information within 48-72 hours of purchasing your reservation spot. If we do not receive communication on your order within the designated time frame, we reserve the right to cancel the order. (deposits are not refundable)  We can do drawing proofs upon request but typically we base our designs off of the information provided. Drawing proofs will be done and sent, once we have reached your place in line.  We will then send pictures of the final product once the order is complete.

Our best products are produced when our customers give us creative freedom on designs based on the customers personalization details. 

Email will be the preferred method of communication. We ask that you please respond in a timely manner to avoid delays in production of your order. 

When you commission us for custom work, you’re hiring us based on our style of work as a company. Please do not expect us to copy another maker’s work. Your  order cancelled if you expect us to do so. Please remember deposits are non-refundable.

We are a small two person company. We take as many orders as we can handle. The designated turnaround period is an estimated time and may extend beyond originally quoted time. If you need your item(s) by a specific date please be sure to provide us with this date. We will do our best to get your order to you in time but it is not promised. Please be patient with us. We work as fast as we can without sacrificing quality. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns with your order. ( 


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