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Alexander Leather Goods



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It is the buyer's responsibility to thoroughly read the product information. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in order cancellation.

more than one item you’re ordering? Please only reserve one spot. (unless you have previously spoken to us.)

This is a $100 DEPOSIT (non-refundable) for your desired item(s) with a custom order minimum of $250. For estimated costs, refer to the pricing page on our website. Once you've placed the deposit, email us at with your order details.

Upon deposit, we'll finalize your order's total based on your design details. The $100 deposit will be deducted, and we'll invoice the remainder within 48 hours. Unpaid invoices may lead to order cancellation. Shop Pay Installments are available.

To share your design, email us the order number, product details, and specifics within 48 hours. Failure to communicate within this timeframe gives us the right to cancel, with deposits non-refundable.

We offer drawing proofs on request, generally designing based on provided details. Proofs are sent in order. Final product pictures follow order completion.

Our best work comes from creative freedom based on your personalization details. Email is our preferred communication method. Respond promptly to avoid delays.

Commissioning custom work means embracing our company's style. No copying other makers' work. Expect your order to be canceled if you do. Deposits are non-refundable.

As a small two-person company, our turnaround time is an estimate. If you have a specific date, let us know; we'll do our best but can't promise. Be patient; we work fast without compromising quality. Any questions? Email us at

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